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Did you know there are over 42 sizes of Kitchen Cabinets and over hundreds of sized shelving units?? Since we have done the research we’ve created a single Cabinet Pull Out Shelf that covers over 85% of all sizes as well as creating shelves and baskets that allow you customize any size of shelving you might have and all with our expandability feature!

Innovation you'd only expect from JA Marketing! Our expandable items are the perfect way to help organize and simplify many areas of your home. Anywhere from the Kitchen to the Garage. One of the main benefits of our products is there is NEVER any exact measuring necessary with our expandability feature. Other benefits include no leveling, sawing, cutting or drilling and the installation is as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Our products are the perfect solution for customizing your cabinets and shelves without the "CUSTOM EXPENSE"!

Our shelves and baskets expand to fit all spaces, small and large. Depending on the item they expand from 6" to 40" and hold as much as 150 lbs.! Now there's no more bending or crouching down to get the things you need. Simply pull out the shelf/basket to see everything from front to back. No more digging and pulling things off the shelves, creating multiple work to find what you're looking for. Now simply pull the shelf/basket out to expose all of your supplies.

With our Wire and Wood Cabinet shelves, you can now DOUBLE your cabinet space. And our Wood version is a side frame installation so they are multi-tierable so you can fit 2 to 3 shelves in one cabinet and now you have tripled your space! They can be used in kitchens and bathrooms, wherever there’s a cabinet that needs organizing.

Make all your cabinetry look and feel custom-created for your home. Perfect for the home improvement novice-anyone can install it...just screw in 8 screws, expand, insert and you're done... it's that easy!

Our BRAND NEW Wire Shelves and Baskets are perfect for any room! Now you can mix and match to your customized needs. Again, with our expandability feature, there is no exact measuring necessary! The Universal feature with these products is they ATTACH to Pre-existing Wire and Wood Shelving. Our innovative locking mechanism allows you to attach these perfect useful organizational shelves/baskets to your pre-existing Wire shelving you may already have in your pantry, bathroom, linen closet, laundry room, garage or even in your camper or RV. And should you have wood shelves, they simply screw in with 8 screws.

These shelves and baskets are perfect for a variety of uses such as storing all of your cans, boxes, bottles, recipe books, cooking needs, dishes, towels, bedding, detergents/softeners, cleaning supplies, clothes, cookware, dinnerware, tupperware, pots/pans, blenders, food processors, yard supplies, garage needs, etc, etc.

All of our home improvement products are perfect for the novice….DO IT YOURSELF and save money! Anyone can install them!